We have the knowledge, expertise and capability to source and deliver virtually any product you require in the petro-chemical industry. We have established strong and long-lasting relationships, working in partnership with leading suppliers of equipment and can arrange to source, deliver and install almost anywhere around the globe. All our products are certified and can be provided to your particular specifications. Our product list is by no means exhaustive. If you cannot see the product you are looking for here, please get in touch, we will be happy to source it for you.

Blending and Sampling

Blending sampling units, breather valves, decantation valves, earthing material, flame arrestors, floating covers, floating suctions, geodesic domes, loading arms, manholes, mixers, overfill protection, pipeline valves, pulsation dampers, safety relief valves, swing joints, tank seals, terminal automation systems, vapour recovery systems


Coiled tubing, downhole tools, drill rigs, drilling equipment and spares, workover rigs

Environmental Systems

Oil and oily effluent removal, storage tanks – seals, domes and covers, voc abatement systems, vapour recovery systems

Fire Protection and Detection

Analogue addressable detectors, beam detectors, CO2 extinguishing systems, call points, control panels, conventional heat, high temperature and smoke detectors, FM200 fire suppression systems, flame detectors, infrared detection, intrinsically safe detectors, sounders, tank rim foam pourers

Packaged Process Plant

Desalters, fired heaters, gas/oil/water separation, generator sets, hydrogen plant, process heaters

Packages incorporating equipment from multiple suppliers via a single purchase order & contract

Sourcing of equipment/materials as a single package contract, specialised procurement services for the petroleum and petrochemical industries

Plant and Sundry Equipment

Bed topping materials for catalytic reactors, cathodic protection, coalescers, coiled tubing, compressor control systems, demisters, eductors, expansion joints, filters, fire detection and protection, fired heaters, gas detection, gaskets, inert alumina balls, inert ceramic balls, intrinsic safety devices, oil and gas burners, pipe supports, piping materials, pumps-screw, separators, sight flow indicators/level instruments, steam traps, structured packing, tower packing & internals (ceramic/metal/thermoplastic/carbon), vacuum systems, valve actuators, valves all types, vessel internals,

Refinery Processes

Complete Units, Services & Major Equipment.
Bed topping materials for catalytic reactors, control valves, cyclones, expansion joints, h2so4 alkylation, fcc & other processes, (design, engineering & construction of new units & revamps), inert alumina balls, inert ceramic balls, process design, complete units, complete revamps – fcc, refractory inspection services, refractory lining materials (including fixings, hexmetal & steel fibres), risers, screens and filtration, slide valves, structured packing, tower packing & internals (ceramic/metal/thermoplastic/carbon), vacuum plant, vessel internals.

Specialist Services

Gearbox overhaul/service, heat exchanger upgrades, oil spill recovery, refractory inspection services, turbine overhaul/service


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