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Dawcul Ltd & Alfa Laval Packinox

We are pleased to announce a new partnership and new distributor agreement for Alfa Laval Packinox in the territories of Poland, Lithuania. Croatia, Serbia & Bosnia-Herzogovina.

Alfa Laval’s Packinox brand is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Packinox heat exchangers which are designed and built for maximum operating reliability for the Refinery Sectors of Dawcul’s territories. The chevron pattern on the heat transfer plates is produced using patented underwater explosion forming, a technique developed by Alfa Laval, in order to maximize the mechanical strength of plates. Laser welding is used to ensure high weld quality and strength.


Mike Bovill

It is with great sadness we wish to inform you that Dawcul Limited’s Founder and Chairman, Mr Mike Bovill passed away on 15th August aged 84 after his long battle with Parkinsons.

Mike founded Dawcul in 1977 with his colleague Brian Barthorpe and ran the business until 2005 when he handed the reins over to his son James.


New Channel Partner Agreement

We are pleased to announce Dawcul Ltd has been appointed as an authorised Sales Channel Partner for Macoga Engineered Expansion Joints for a duration of two years.

Macoga is a family run business located in the North West of Spain near the Port of La Coruña. They are the largest producer of FCCU Metal and Refractory Lined Expansion Joints in Europe.