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Scully Signalling Products

As a world leader in safety shutdown systems for the fluid handling industry, Scully is committed to uncompromising quality, reliability, service, and operating efficiency with particular emphasis on human and environmental safety. Their objective is to continually meet or exceed customers’ expectations, as well as intrinsic safety approval requirements for hazardous environments. They maintain an effective, structured quality system that is integrated across all functions and is aimed at producing exceptional product quality and customer experience.

In addition to its headquarters in Wilmington, MA, USA, Scully has its own direct sales and service offices in the U.K. and in Belgium for Europe and the Middle East, and representatives throughout the rest of the world to service customers in multiple industries: Aviation, petroleum, chemical, fuel oil, military, marine, railroad, general transport, and tank truck. Scully products are used in some 80+ countries, and its customers include: private and state oil companies, airlines, refineries, and petrochemical companies.